MEDI FLOWER Aronyx Triple Effect Real Collagen Moisture Cream 50ml

3,990 kr.

It is a high moisturizing cream containing highly enriched triple ingredients and rich nutrition ingredient gently wraps the skin for giving the skin vitality and elasticity.

  1. Moisturizing + elasticizing + whitening cream. With moisture and nutrient-rich triple ingredients and three peptide ingredients, it hydrates and revitalizes your skin with moisture and elasticity.
  2. Whitening & wrinkle-improving function. This product contains a functional ingredient to help improve whitening and wrinkles.
  3. Rich Moisture Texture. When moisture and nutrient-rich textures touch the skin, they are absorbed neatly while spreading.

How to use: Spread a generous amount on your face at the last stage of your skin care routine. Pat lightly to aid absorption.

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