SOME BY MI 30 Days Miracle Clear Spot Patch

1,990 kr.

Some By Mi Clear Spot Patch absorbs the exudates from the wound area yet maintaining dryness even in a wet environment as well as minimizing any scar formation. Composed of 2 sizes which can be selected depending on the spot condition and size. Easy to use by the beveling method has the advantage of being able to wash after attaching due to its excellent waterproof and adhesion. It is a quasi-hydrocolloid spot patch that protects acne, trouble-free skin and secondary infections. It protects skin with excellent breathability and irritation.

How to use Clear Spot Patch
1. After wash the scar area, gently pat dry and attache the patch
2. Patch will swell up while because of the exudate
3. If the scar is healed swollen patch will sink
4. If you want to replace the patch, peel off the edge

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