SOME BY MI Retinol Intense Reactivating Serum 30ml

6,890 kr.

This is a high-functioning serum with retinol and bakuchiol for aging sign skin care and skin rejuvenation based on a variety of stimulation.

  • Retinol 0.1%
  • Retinal 1ppm
  • Bakuchiol 5,000ppm

How to use: Apply a moderate amount at the step of using a serum after cleansing.
Massage it gently over your face and lightly pat down the serum to absorb.

-Before using the product, conduct a patch test on a small area such as inner elbow to check for any irritation.
-As it may increase the sensitivity to sunlight, it is recommended to use in the evening.
Also, please make sure to apply sunscreen in the daytime during the use of the product.

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